Wildlife at Shute

Shute Cottage is a haven for wildlife with a mixture of habitats from broad leaf woodland, wildflower meadow, babbling brook and hedgerow thicket. The garden and grounds are managed to attract as many species of flora and fauna as possible.


When you come and stay you will hear tawny owls hooting at night and green woodpeckers ‘yaffling’ during the day. You may see the secretive roe deer stalking from the cover of woods to graze or find signs of badgers bustling through by night. During the summer hummingbird hawk moth and all manner of speckled, rainbow-coloured butterflies and dragonflies sip nectar and buzz around the garden. In the winter, frosts reveal the footprints of pheasants and woodmice and if you’re really lucky you will hear the blood curdling shriek of a barn owl as it quarters the field for voles.

Shute from the stream